Status Update: Fall To Winter Is Gaming Season

Being that the summer is generally very busy, it is even more so in the place HFG calls its headquarters. Full of tourists doing touristy things and friends and family having cookouts and the like. However, we want to share with you our update for the coming fall and winter months and what games we are excited for and will be playing!

PC Games


First and foremost, let me say I built the Twitch channel up on Euro Truck Simulator 2 gameplay, so I truly appreciate those of you who joined our corner of the web to watch me drive trucks through Europe. I am thoroughly impatient while waiting for SCS Software to announce when American Truck Simulator will be available. So that is on the board for games I’m excited for. Also, Fallout 4 is on the PC list for me as well. Right now, I’m throwing videos of Assetto Corsa races and hotlaps on our YouTube channel, and I’m working on interacting with OldGeezerGamer on YouTube as well.

PS4 Games


Need For Speed is on the top of the list right now on console. I’m still playing Destiny now that 2.0 is out but I haven’t decided whether I will be buying the Taken King off the bat.

Stream Hype

Now that YouTube Gaming is available, I’m going to be using that as well as Twitch. There are large differences between YTgaming and Twitch, where one has its advantages and the same for disadvantages. I may post up some more in depth analysis in another article.


At any rate, we hit 100 followers on Twitch in a short amount of time and since creating a goal of 125 followers we managed to hit 122, and then fell back to 119, when I started playing other games. While I appreciate that folks want to watch certain content, there is no need to unfollow (unless you have developed some severe hatred for me, which I hope is not the case!) So if you can, please hang in there with me, as I’m here to have folks to talk to while I game, about any number of topics! I certainly have played games with communities that are rather abhorrent, but I maintain that my channel will not follow the standard!


As usual, those who stand by, whether outspoken or silent and support me, your appreciation does not go unnoticed. When you tune in to the stream, say hi, and lets talk about games, or maybe anything you are interested in. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for American Truck Simulator’s release, as well as a few other goodies. So please come by, say hello, and tune in and see what I’m playing. Thank you!


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