Streaming On Scheduling Change

Some of you may or may not know, that we stream fairly regularly over on Whether it be one of our members or under the main channel, we are online almost everyday at some time or another. Something you also may not know is that Twitch is turning into the new form of gaming entertainment. There are many people and channels there that maintain thousands of viewers and subscribers!

twitch logo black

In our team of gamers, we think we have a good group of people and we all play different games on stream. What it takes is to be visible and a Twitch Partner to make us a full “Twitch Team.” We of course need your support to do so.

This is why Jeff (guidot) has changed his work schedule to accommodate a full day of streaming on Wednesday! He will be streaming on HFG directly and hosting under his personal account. He’ll be starting around 10:00 EST on Wednesday and continuing into the late evening.

Jeff currently is playing Destiny (PS4), Train Simulator 2015, Cities: Skylines, Project Cars (PC + PS4), Assetto Corsa, and heavily modded Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Please tell us what you think he should play on Wednesday’s as the main game!

Thank you all for your fantastic support, and we hope to see your name in the viewers list on Wednesdays! Please hit the follow button on Twitch and also follow us on Twitter to be updated real time when we are live!


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